Dr. Rossella Gargano answers to your questions.

The Online Personal Mentoring Session Program launches in January 2020 to answer the hundreds of questions and requests Rossella has received during her meetings, conferences and through her Instagram inbox.


She realized she could apply her extensive international experience to motivate and guide whoever needs and wants to build or redefine their brand and personal brand.

From evaluating your goals & objectives to creating a plan of action to reach them, the one-on-one sessions with Rossella Gargano will be useful to start/scale-up/improve your business and measure your or your company marketing performances.

Then clients can also ask for an advanced service, which is a Consulting.

For more info check out our Mentoring Plans or send an email to rg@garbomanagement.com.

Mentoring Sessions are available both in English and Italian via Whatsapp, Skype, FaceTime, Zoom, Cisco.

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