Dr. Rossella Gargano helps companies to make their strategies and reach their goals.

Due to her experience of the last 15 years, Rossella Gargano is available for consulting.

You and your company can build your strategy and your success

in order to vision and mission.


Rossella has a multiple "business soul": marketing/commercial from one side and also technical/process from the other side. This strategy guarantees that you keep the maximum control through her activity and Project Mangement.

Thanks to her partners and colleagues, she can also offer a wide portfolio of services and making up the right team at the right moment, depending on client's needs.

Flexibility, dynamic approach, change management, commercial mind, revenue-oriented strategy, analytics are some of the main features of her consulting.

We suggest to take a Mentoring session with Rossella before asking for a consulting.

We arrange web meetings (considering COVID19 emergency)  in English and Italian via Whatsapp, Skype, FaceTime, Zoom, Cisco.


Please, send an email to rg@garbomanagement.com.

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